Can You Improve the Audio System in a Volvo XC90 with OEM Speaker Upgrades?

May 12, 2024

As car enthusiasts, we understand the importance of a quality audio system. After all, the perfect soundtrack can make your drive an absolute pleasure. One vehicle that offers a stellar audio experience straight off the assembly line is the Volvo XC90. But can you further enhance your Volvo's audio quality with OEM speaker upgrades? This article delves into the possibilities, providing in-depth information about how the audio system works, the role of speakers, amplifiers, tweeters, front and rear door speakers, and how an upgrade can guarantee a better sound experience.

Understanding Your Volvo XC90's Audio System

Before you decide to upgrade your audio system, it's essential to understand how it currently operates. The Volvo XC90 features a high-performance sound system as standard. This system includes a range of speakers strategically placed throughout the car, an amplifier, and other components that deliver excellent sound quality. However, if you're an audiophile who prioritizes an exceptional audio experience, an upgrade might be worthwhile.

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The standard audio system in your Volvo XC90 is composed of different components that work together to create the sound you hear. These include the head unit, the amplifier, and the speakers. The head unit is essentially the brain of the system, controlling what you listen to and how it sounds.

The amplifier, or 'amp', boosts the audio signal from the head unit to a level that the speakers can use. The amp will adjust the power to match the requirements of the different speakers in your Volvo.

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The speakers themselves are the final piece of the puzzle. They convert the electrical signals from the amp into sound, which is why high-quality speakers are crucial for a superior audio experience.

The Role of Speakers in Your Car's Audio System

The speakers are probably the most critical part of your car's audio system. They're the ultimate determinants of the sound quality you'll enjoy while driving. In the Volvo XC90, the speakers are spread throughout the car, with some in the front doors, some in the rear doors, and maybe even some in the dashboard or ceiling.

In most cars, the front door speakers handle the mid-range frequencies, while the rear door speakers are usually responsible for lower frequencies. This arrangement creates a balance of sound throughout the vehicle.

Upgrading your speakers can improve the sound quality dramatically. Instead of the standard speakers, you might consider installing better performing ones from notable brands such as Audison or other OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) speakers. These often have higher sensitivity, better frequency response, and superior material quality, which all contribute to enhanced audio performance.

Amplifiers and Their Importance in Enhancing Sound Quality

Just as the speaker upgrade can significantly improve the sound quality in your Volvo XC90, an amplifier upgrade can do wonders as well. Amplifiers, often referred to as amps, aren't just about making your music louder. A good quality amp ensures that the sound you hear is clear, detailed, and free of distortion, regardless of the volume level.

An amplifier upgrade can enhance the power and clarity of your car audio system. A high-quality amp, such as those offered by Audison, can provide your speakers with the power they need to deliver the best possible sound.

When you upgrade your amplifier, you may notice that your audio system sounds clearer and more robust. The highs are crisp, the lows are deep, and the mid-range is full and rich. This quality provides an unparalleled in-car audio experience.

Tweeters and Their Contribution to the Audio Upgrade

Tweeters are small speakers designed to produce high-frequency sounds, which are often the details that make your music come alive. They can reproduce the sounds of cymbals, violins, and other high-pitched instruments with sparkling clarity. In the Volvo XC90, tweeters are positioned to direct these high frequencies towards the listener, providing a more immersive audio experience.

Upgrading tweeters can significantly improve the sound quality in your Volvo XC90. High-quality tweeters can produce detailed high frequencies without harshness or distortion. You may notice that your music sounds more lifelike and detailed after the upgrade.

Front and Rear Door Speakers: Making the Right Upgrades

Front and rear door speakers play a significant role in your overall audio experience. They handle the majority of the sound that you hear while driving. Upgrading these speakers can provide a noticeable improvement in audio quality.

Choosing the right speakers for your upgrade is crucial. Many OEMs offer high-quality speakers designed for specific car models, ensuring a perfect fit and excellent performance. This compatibility is why many Volvo XC90 owners choose OEM speaker upgrades.

You'll want to pay attention to the speaker's size and power handling capabilities when selecting a speaker for your upgrade. You'll also want to consider the speaker's sensitivity (how loud it gets for a given amount of power) and frequency response (the range of sounds it can reproduce).

In conclusion, while the Volvo XC90 already boasts a high-quality audio system, you can still enhance it with the right OEM speaker upgrades. Whether you're an audiophile seeking the absolute best sound quality or simply someone who enjoys a good tune while driving, upgrading your audio system can provide an unmatched in-car listening experience.

The Impact of Center Speakers on Sound Distribution

The center speaker, often overlooked in the audio system, plays a crucial role in your Volvo XC90. Positioned in the middle of the dashboard, the center speaker is responsible for evenly distributing sound across the car. Your car audio system utilizes this speaker to ensure that all passengers, not just the driver, experience high-quality sound.

The center speaker is primarily in charge of dialogues and vocals when playing music or other audio content. If you've ever noticed that the singing voice in a song seems to be coming from all around you, you can thank your center speaker for that immersive experience. The audio from the center speaker blends seamlessly with the sound from the front and rear speakers, creating a balanced and harmonious auditory environment.

Upgrading your center speaker can significantly improve the sound distribution in your vehicle. High-quality center speakers often have better frequency response and sensitivity, ensuring that everyone in the car enjoys a clear, balanced sound.

Selecting the right center speaker for an upgrade involves considering factors similar to those for door speakers: power-handling capabilities, sensitivity, frequency response, and size. It's also essential to choose a speaker that matches the rest of your audio system in terms of brand and series for consistent sound quality.

The Involvement of Door Panels in the Audio Upgrade Strategy

Finally, let's not forget the role that door panels play in your Volvo XC90's audio system. The door panels house the door speakers and contribute to the sound quality by acting as a sort of enclosed space or 'cabinet' for the speakers.

Door panels can enhance the resonance and depth of the sound, especially for lower frequencies. However, poor-quality or damaged door panels can lead to sound distortion or loss of bass.

If you're considering an upgrade, it's worth thinking about the condition and quality of your door panels. Even the best speakers might not perform optimally if the door panels are not up to par. Upgrading to high-quality door panels that provide better resonance and sound insulation can complement your speaker upgrades and ensure that you're getting the best possible sound from your car audio system.


The Volvo XC90 is already equipped with a high-performance sound system, but for those craving an even better audio experience, an upgrade is a viable option. From the head unit to the amplifier, from the front door to the rear door speakers, and even the overlooked center speaker and door panels, each aspect contributes to the overall sound quality.

Investing in OEM speaker upgrades from reputable brands like Audison can ensure a better frequency response, higher sensitivity, superior material quality, and a more immersive audio experience. Remember, the key to a successful upgrade is understanding your current system, identifying areas for improvement, and choosing the right components for your needs.

By enhancing your Volvo XC90's audio system, you can experience your favorite soundtrack as you've never heard it before. Turn every drive into an enjoyable journey, filled with rich, balanced, and high-quality sound that makes every moment on the road truly special.