How to Choose the Right Type of Floral Necktie for a Trendy Professional Look?

May 12, 2024

As ladies who shop for the men in our lives, we know that choosing the right necktie can be akin to solving a complex puzzle. The color, pattern, and material of the tie should complement the shirt and suit, while also reflecting the wearer's personality and style. This article will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal floral necktie for a professional look. We will cover a range of topics including color coordination, matching patterns, choosing the right knot, and selecting the perfect fabric.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Color is a vital element when picking a tie. The tie's color should enhance the overall look, rather than clash with it.

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When choosing a floral necktie, consider both the base color and the colors of the floral pattern. The base color of the tie should match or contrast well with the shirt. For example, a dark blue tie would be a safe choice to pair with a light blue or white shirt.

When it comes to the colors in the floral pattern, it's a good idea to have them echo the colors in the suit or shirt. If the suit is a classic navy, choosing a tie with hints of navy in the floral pattern can create a coordinated look.

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Remember, we're aiming for harmony, not matchy-matchy. If the floral pattern includes multiple colors, it's okay if not all of them match the suit or shirt. A pop of unexpected color, like red or green, can add a touch of personality to the look.

Matching Patterns to Ensure Aesthetically Pleasing Look

The key to pairing patterns is to vary the scale. If the shirt or suit has a bold pattern, go for a tie with a smaller, subtler pattern and vice versa.

Floral ties can be particularly tricky to match because they tend to have a lot of detail. However, one advantage of a floral tie is that its pattern is often less geometric than stripes or checks, making it easier to pair with other patterns without clashing.

With a floral tie, consider the size of the floral pattern. Small, delicate flowers can look great with a bold, striped shirt, while larger, bolder flowers might work better with a solid color shirt or subtle check.

Mastering the Art of the Knot

A well-chosen necktie can be let down by a poorly tied knot. Let's delve into the most suitable knots for floral ties.

The four-in-hand knot is a classic and versatile choice. This knot is best suited for lighter, thinner materials like silk, which are often used in floral ties. The four-in-hand is a narrow, slightly asymmetrical knot, which works well with shirts that have a narrow spread collar.

The half-Windsor knot is another good option. It's a medium-sized, symmetrical knot that works well with a wide spread collar. This knot is a good choice for thicker materials, but it can also work with silk ties if you want a larger knot.

It's not just about the knot, though; the tie's length matters too. The tip of the tie should reach the middle of the belt buckle when standing in a relaxed posture.

Understanding the Importance of Fabric

The fabric of a tie significantly influences its appearance and knot-tying ability.

Silk, a popular choice, is known for its smooth texture and slight sheen. It's ideal for floral ties as it holds vibrant colors well, allowing the floral patterns to stand out. Silk ties are also easy to tie and maintain their shape well.

Wool ties can be a good choice for winter or for less formal occasions. They typically have a more texture and less sheen than silk ties, which can add a bit of visual interest. However, wool ties can be more challenging to tie and may not hold their shape as well.

When choosing a tie, remember that the quality of the fabric also affects the tie's durability. A high-quality silk or wool tie can last for years, making it a worthy investment.

Selecting the Perfect Floral Necktie for Different Occasions

Different occasions call for different ties.

For a business meeting or formal event, a subtle, sophisticated floral pattern in a darker color like navy or dark green can be an elegant choice. Pair it with a solid color suit and shirt for a professional, polished look.

For a less formal event, like a casual Friday at the office, a bolder floral tie can be a fun way to express individual style. Try a tie with a bright base color, like red or blue, and a larger floral pattern.

Finally, remember that the most important thing is that the tie reflects the wearer's personal style. Don't be afraid to break the rules if you find a tie that you love. After all, fashion is all about expressing yourself.

Experimenting with Size and Shapes

Choosing the right necktie is not just about the color and the fabric, but also the size and shape of the tie itself.

In the world of ties, the classic choice is the long tie, which is what most people imagine when they think of a necktie. But there are other options out there. For example, you may consider a bow tie. Floral bow ties can add a touch of unique style to any outfit, professional or casual. They stand out more than long ties and can be a fun way to express your personality.

In terms of size, the width of the tie is also an essential factor. Traditionally, wider ties give off a more conservative and formal vibe, while skinny ties are seen as more modern and trendy. If you're aiming for a professional look, a medium-width tie is usually a safe bet. However, the tie's width should also complement the wearer's body type and the width of the suit's lapels.

Remember, size and shape can significantly influence the overall vibe of the outfit. So, consider your options carefully to make sure your chosen floral tie will fit perfectly into your desired look.

Extra Accessories for a Complete Look

Neckties aren't the only accessories that can enhance a professional look. A pocket square, for example, can add an extra level of sophistication.

Matching your floral tie with a pocket square can create a unified, polished appearance. It doesn't have to be an exact match – in fact, matching too closely can look overdone. Instead, aim for a pocket square that complements the tie, perhaps by picking up on one of the secondary colors in the floral pattern.

Similarly, a well-chosen tie clip can add a touch of class to your outfit. A tie clip not only keeps the tie in place but also adds an extra element of style.

Finally, don't forget about the cufflinks. They might seem like a minor detail, but they can contribute significantly to the overall look. Opt for cufflinks that match the color and style of your other accessories for a coordinated, professional appearance.


Choosing the right type of floral tie involves more than just picking out a pattern you like. It requires considering a range of factors, from the color palette to the size and shape of the tie, the knot type, the fabric, and even the accompanying accessories like a pocket square or cufflinks.

A floral tie can be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, adding a touch of personality while still maintaining a professional look. Whether you opt for a subtle pattern on a silk tie for a business meeting, a bold, colorful design for a casual Friday, or a charming bow tie for a special occasion, the right floral tie can help you express your style and make a great impression.

Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious look that reflects your personal style. So, don't be afraid to experiment, mix and match, and break the rules from time to time. After all, fashion should be fun and expressive, even in the professional world.